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Queen of the Missions, Pastel

Queen of the Missions, Pastel, 12"x16"

Midsummer's Day, Oil

Convict Lake, Pastel

Convict Lake, Pastel, 18"x24"

Giorgi Barn, Oil

Giorgi Barn, Oil, 12"x16"

Coastal Scene, Pastel + Watercolor

Twilight, Oil

Twilight, Oil on Canvas Panel (Miniature)

Waiting for the Rain, Oil

Manzanar, Pastel + Watercolor

In Situ, Pastel

Old Stagecoach Road, Pastel

Surfperch, Oil

Surfperch, Oil, 9"x20"

Waiting for the Next Set, Pastel

Waiting for the Next Set, Pastel, 9"x13"

Ray's Rocks, Pastel

Ray's Rocks, Pastel, 12"x18"

Blue Banks, Pastel + Watercolor

Front Range, Renewal: Oil

Ellwood Trees, Pastel

Upon Reflections, Oil

Glacier Melt, Oil

Ribbons of Light, Pastel

Hendry's Beach, Pastel

Home for Heron, Pastel

House on the Edge of Forever, Pastel

Tranquility, Oil

Last Arch, Pastel

Sundown, Oil

Sundown, Oil, 18"x24"

Along The Merced, Oil

Along the Merced, Oil on Canvas Panel, 16"x12"

Light Across the Sandias, Oil

Light Across the Sandias, Oil, 16"x20"

Monterey Canyon, Pastel

Monterey Canyon, Pastel, 18"x24"

Waves, Pastel

Camino de los Padres, Pastel

Camino de los Padres, Pastel, 18"x24"

West Campus, Pastel

Zoo Train, Pastel (Miniature)

Eagle's Flight, Pastel

Eagle's Flight, Pastel, 12"x18"

Sunrise, Pastel

Sunrise, Pastel (Miniature)

What's Up? Pastel

What's Up? Pastel, 12"x18"