Linda Nelson is a Santa Barbara artist specializing in landscape using pastels, oils, watercolor and mixed media, including jewelry. She teaches drawing, color mixing, pastel, and oil painting to ages ranging from five to eighty-five. Linda comes from a background in theatre arts and costume design, in which she earned a Master of Fine Arts from UCLA. She studied in watercolors while living in St. George’s, Bermuda, where she was raising her family and working in scientific illustration. Her illustration work has been published in professional scientific journals and research reports.
 Upon returning to California, Linda continued studying plein air landscape painting in oils with local artists including Larry and John Iwerks, Michael Drury, and Ray Strong. Recently she has been studying pastel with Ojai artist Bert Collins and figure and portrait artist Duane Unkefer. Recently she has participated in workshops taught by Richard McKinley, Jannene Behl, and Kim Lordier. She has also lectured on costume design and history at the Santa Barbara (Granada) Music and Arts Conservatory.
Linda Nelson
Professional Organizations:
California Art Club (CAC), Pasadena, CA
Pastel Society of the Gold Coast (PSGC), Camarillo, CA
Santa Barbara Art Association (SBAA), Santa Barbara, CA.
Guild of Natural Science Illustrators (GNSI), Washington, DC (past member)
PSGC Board member, Recording Secretary, 2010
    Plein Air Paint Outs- North; 2009-2012
SBAA Director Chair of Education, 2004-2007
Co-Founder SBAA- Student Art Fund 2006 - Present
SCAPE 2006 2nd Saturday Paint Outs, co-chair
Pastel, Oil, Watercolor, Pen and Ink, Pencil, Carbon Dust, Scratchboard; Jewelry
Recent Exhibitions and Honors:
   2015 July -  “Passion for Pastels” - PSGC, Thousand Oaks Community Gallery
   2014 August - Los Olivos QuickDraw and ArtWalk
   2013 September SBMNH, "Santa Barbara Artwalk," Outdoor Show, Festival booth
   2013 August - Los Olivos QuickDraw and ArtWalk
   2013 July - “SLO-Poke Western Art Rodeo” - Seaside Gallery, Pismo Beach
   2013 July -  “Passion for Pastels” - PSGC, Thousand Oaks Community Gallery
   2013 June - “Fundamental Things” - Portraits, Gallery 113, Santa Barbara
   2013 May - “Art by the Creek” SCAPE benefit for the Phoenix Center, Santa Barbara
   2012 July - “Shadow Play” - Artist of the Month, Gallery 113, Santa Barbara
   2012 June - “Preserving California’s Nature” PSGC benefit for CCBER, Faculty Club, UCSB
   2012 May - “Art by the Creek” SCAPE benefit for the Phoenix Center, Santa Barbara
   2012 March - “Faces” portrait show, 855 The Art Center, Carpinteria
   2009 - 2012, Represented by CHalK Art Gallery, Carpinteria, CA
   2011 - SB Tennis Club;  Cabrillo Arts Pavilion;  Santa Barbara
   2011 - Two Featured Artist shows at Gallery 113, Santa Barbara
   2010 - Los Olivos Quick Draw, Festival Booth
   2010 - SCAPE, "Community Environmental Council" Benefit (Juried), Faulkner Gallery
   2010 - SBAA, SB Maritime Museum (Juried)
   2010 & 2011 PSGC, "Passion for Pastels", Thousand Oaks Community Gallery
   2010 - SCAPE "SB Land Trust" Benefit (Juried), BEST PASTEL AWARD
   2009 - SBAA, "Domestic Violence Solutions" Benefit (Juried), HONORABLE MENTION
   2007-10  SBMNH, "Santa Barbara Artwalk," Outdoor Show, Festival booth
   2009 - SCAPE "On the Wings of Art" (Audubon) Benefit (Juried), BEST PASTEL AWARD
   2009 - SBAA, SB Maritime Museum (Juried), BEST PASTEL AWARD
   2009 - "2009 Pastel Invitational", Palm Loft Gallery, Carpinteria
   2009 - GVAA March Show (Juried), JUROR'S CHOICE AWARD
   2008 - Dianna Bottoms Fine Art Gallery, May Featured Artist at 1st Thursday event
   2008 - SCAPE "Botanical Gardens" benefit show (Juried), SBBG
   2007 - "In the Townley Room", with Linda Mutti and Morgan Green, SB Main Library
   2007 - Festival of Art and Jazz, Courthouse Gardens, Festival booth
   2007 - SCAPE "Islands and Estuaries" Benefit (Juried), Faulkner Gallery
Art Teaching Experience:
2002 - Present  Small Group Art Instruction: Drawing, Pastels, Oils for Children & Adults
2006 - 2008 Wildling Art Museum, Los Olivos:  How to Build A Painting, Spring Botanical workshops
Featured Publications:
   Santa Barbara County Parks Commission, 2009 Calendar, Month of June
UCSB Marine Science Institute, "Coastal Discovery Magazine," Spring 2002
Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans (PISCO) "Coastal Connections," 2002
Illustrations in peer reviewed scientific publications:
McFadden, C.S., and F.G. Hochberg (2003). Biology and taxonomy of encrysting alcyoniid soft corals in the northeastern Pacific Ocean with descriptions of two new genera (Cnidaria, Anthozoa, Octocorallia). Invertebrate Zoology 122: 93-113.
Locke, J.M., and K.A. Coates (2000). An illustrated key to the species of Grania and Randidrilus (Annelida: Clitellata: Enchytraeidae) of eastern North America, Bermuda, and the Caribbean Sea. Proc. Biol. Sci. Washington 113: 617-632.
Locke, J.M., and K.A. Coates (1998). A new species of Grania (Enchytraeidae, Clitellata, Annelida) and redescription of Grania pusilla from a rocky shore in SE Ireland. J. Natural History, 32: 1101-1114.
Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo: "Learning Through Landscapes," "Rocky Intertidal Zones," 1998
 Linda Nelson